use the wacky brush to make a moving picture

a talk about kid pix by @cubeghost

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kid pix: a brief history
the guiding principles

#1   (The Prime Directive) The program should be extremely easy to use. No manual should be needed and program features should "explain themselves" through use. All tasks should be able to be performed in the simplest, most straightforward way. The program should go out of its way to meet the user.


#2   As long as The Prime Directive is not violated, every opportunity should be taken to make the program surprising and satisfying to use. No opportunity should be missed. The process of making a picture should be as important as the picture produced.


#14   The program should, in most ways, act like a standard program and have a standard user interface so users new to the computer learn basic principles. Kid Pix ended up being widely used to introduce children and adults to using the computer.



a generation of artists was born
it's fun to make things just for the sake of making things

it's also fun to make software that enables other people to do the same

MIT Scratch!







make software that is fun

make things for the fun of it
thanks! ✨



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