Building Real-time Offline-ready Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS

Nader Dabit

Developer Advocate - AWS Mobile


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Developer Velocity


Build Mobile, Web, Desktop, Machine Learning, Server-side applications

React / Native

Use existing skillset to build across multiple platforms


Consistent self-documenting API for multiple data sources & microservices

Real-time out of the box

Type Safety

AWS Mobile

Developer Velocity

Developer Velocity

AWS Amplify

AWS AppSync

Full-stack for Front End Developers

Use your existing skillset to build robust full-stack web & mobile applications


- No servers to manage

- Continuous scaling and balancing

- Pay only for used, not reserved time

- Less code to manage

Instead of a collection of functions calling each other, the best serverless applications are:

  • Thick client code handling all interaction logic
  • Heavy use of managed services (e.g., AppSync, @Auth0, @Algolia, @Cloudinary)
  • Small glue functions.

- JoeEmison (@joeemison)

The key benefit of serverless is not "no servers to manage". It's "almost no backend code".

- JoeEmison (@joeemison)



Serviceful Serverless

No server operations

Scales seamlessly


No need to manage uptime

Assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services

Serviceful Serverless

// Variable Expense


 Think of managed services like the electricity that runs through your home.

// Elasticity

// Less Code

Go for an application that any idiot can maintain - because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to maintain it.

// Experimentation


AWS Amplify

- CLI Toolchain

AWS Amplify

- Client Library

- Hosting / Deployment

Client Library

AWS Amplify

Connect to & interact with cloud services

Preconfigured components for popular front-end libraries

Pluggable, works with other cloud providers

Open Source

AWS Amplify - Native Support

AWS Amplify - Framework Support

CLI Toolchain

AWS Amplify

Create cloud services

Update & delete cloud services

Toolchain - GraphQL CodeGen ++

Amplify Console

AWS Amplify

Continuous deployment and hosting service for mobile web applications

Git integration (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)

Multi-environment support with feature-branch deploys

Password-protected deployments




Lamdba Functions

​AR / VR

AWS Amplify

Chat Bots




Push Notifications

Amplify Workflow

1. Install the CLI

2. Configure the CLI

Amplify Workflow

3. Create a new Amplify project

Amplify Workflow

4. Use amplify add to initialize a service

Amplify Workflow

5. Create service in your account

Amplify Workflow

Example Application

User Mgmt

Back end



AWS AppSync

Amazon Cognito

AWS AppSync

Amazon Pinpoint

Awesome AWS Amplify (GitHub)

Awesome AWS AppSync (GitHub)


twitter / github / medium

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GDG Lisbon - Moving Up the Stack

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