Dale Holman, the Best Real Estate Broker in Portland, Maine

Dale Holman is the current president of a company called EAGLE ATM. However, he has had many other positions with multiple companies, which includes working as a broker that was dedicated to commercial real estate at Keystone Real Estate. He also held the position of national account manager for Sybex Inc, and a representative for digital media for Maine Today Digital and many other positions with other companies.

Dale Holman Maine as the president, takes responsibility for many different daily activities for the company. This includes the actual placement of the ATMs along with coordinating the required services, products and the related requirements and systems. He also works alongside the management, regulatory authorities and the vendors from different companies. He is, also, in charge of developing effective, creative and new proposals and strategies for the company.

Dale studied at Pensacola Christian College starting in 1990 and graduating in 1994. He has held many lower positions in companies before he became the president. He also has a huge variety of abilities and skills. The top skills include real estate, sales, negotiation, small business management. project management, creating teams, advising investments, credit and insurance.

Dale Holman Maine didn't get here without plenty of elbow grease and effort. Due to his immense success some of the competitors have come up with different plans to ruin his reputation, but you have to meet him and you will realize they are all lying.

Dale Holman, the Best Real Estate Broker in Portland, Maine

By Dale Holman Maine Real Estate Consultant

Dale Holman, the Best Real Estate Broker in Portland, Maine

Dale Holman is one of the top names you will hear on the tongues of everyone in the households in Portland, Maine. In Portland he successfully established himself at the top of the list of real estate brokers that are available in the city. Dale is extremely honest and has the most sparkling personality and a heart that is full of love for others. He managed to get where he is today by lots of hard work and dedication and never giving up.

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