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The Data Team at El Confidencial

 DataBeers Madrid, June 2016

"Data journalism is the process of

creating a story that could not have

been done without a computer".

Just like journalists like to describe their work as “giving a voice to the voiceless”, datajournalism could be the act of measuring the unmeasured.


By measuring a problem, a datajournalism team transforms it from a series of stories in an issue that can be followed in time and rigorously assessed.


The methodology chosen for a data collection can have tremendous consequences on the results.

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Day One

15 months later


Special Formats 


Data Team

Adrián Blanco

Jesús Escudero

Daniele Grasso

Antonio Esquembre

#0 Organize everything (and do it openly)

#1 Help the newsroom

#2 Data - driven context

#3 Fact-checking: La Chistera


#5 Re-usables web apps from public information

#6 Crowdsourcing

#7 Automatize information

#8 Cross Borders Projects

#9 Investigation

#10 Data + New Formats Team

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Databeers - DDJ in the newsroom

By danielegrasso

Databeers - DDJ in the newsroom

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