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Augury Team

Misko Hevery from angular core team

Matias Niemela from angular core team

Gleb Bahmutov

About: OWASP, SSL encriptions, XSS, npm packages

Matias Niemela

About: Animations, AOT, class, query, expr, trigers

Jeremy Elbourn & Kara Erickson

About: Amazing Angular Material 2 live demo

Tobias Bosch

  • About: Performance,  size, codegen Classes, JIT VS AOT

Lukas Ruebbelke

About: Observables,  Observables streams

Aysegul Yonet

About: A360 Autodesk

Shai Reznik

About: Personal opinion about angular 2 future :)

Ben Lesh

About: Observables is just a functions

Kara Erickson

About: FormsModule & FeactiveFormsModule, Live examples demo

Stephen Fluin

About: Scaffolding, generating, serving, building, testing, Distributing

Victor Savkin

About: Routes, Lazy loading routes and mobules

Igor Kamenetsky

About: Intro about Augury and some live debbuging examples

Julie Ralph

About: Testing strategys

Jeff Whelpley

About: Scaffold, [ analyze, build, test, docs, deploy, migrate] coming soon

Angular Team Panel

Angular Connect 2016

By Darius Laurinčikas

Angular Connect 2016

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