Font Licensing

Sigsum Project

(CC BY-SA 4.0)

(CC BY-SA 4.0)


Currently we are using Rund Font for Sigsum logo. We intend to use in website also.


Can we use it freely  (as freedom) for our project ?


If not  then why? and what are the options available?



  • Logo
  • Use the font in merchandise
  • Website
  • All of the above without any specific permission from the Licensor

Font Usecases

Rund is Licensed under Letters From Sweden

I am a lawyer but not an expert in European and/or Swedish Laws. Therefore my advice must not be treated as an legal advice. I sharing my understanding as part of the project Sigsum.


  • Actual artistic design representation of  the letters and symbols
  • Copyrightable in most Countries (except USA)


  • The computer "program" containing/rendering the typeface
  • Copyrightable


Can we use the Logo (with Rund) in merchandise and every where freely without specific permission/ custom agreement from Licensor?

   My Understanding



"You may use the licensed fonts to create EPS files or other scalable drawings provided that such files are only used by the household or company licensing the font."

– Desktop Fonts : 1.Allowed Uses

If the larger Sigsum community wants to use the font  what will be the fate then? (Say a developer from Japan wants to print a teeshirt with Sigsum logo and text -"Join Sigsum")

2nd Usecase

                           (My Understanding)


  • Comes under the perview of Webfont Licenses
  •  Do we want take the buy font for every developer working on the website?

  • How many domains we can use the font for?

3rd usecase : Website

                           (My Understanding)



The Licensed Webfont(s) may be used on any Website owned or controlled by the Licensee under a particular domain name, including sub-domains.

– Webfont : 1.Usage

The total traffic, measured in page views, of Websites on which the Licensed Webfont is used must be no greater than the number of page views per month specified in the receipt you received for the Licensed Webfont(s).

– Webfont : 1.Usage

We do not need to  the buy the font for every developer working on the website? Buying the webfont for sigsum project is enough.

– Webfont : 1.Usage

  • Strictly commercial
  • Worded in an imprecise way
  • Does not define terms (eg:Company)
  • Does not recognize Open Source Project as an entity
  • Image of / signal from the project


Letters From Sweden

  • Permission from Licesor
  • Mandatory Legal Permissions

Font Licensed under FOSS

  • Free usage
  • Right message
  • Not much of a legal hassel


  • Okay Licenses


Some Useful links

Any Font licensed uner SIL Open Font License is good for us.


Font Licensing : Sigsum Project

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Font Licensing : Sigsum Project

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