Ladies in "Py" land

Chapter 1 :  Down to Python as a whole

Chapter 2 : Curiouser and Curiouser!

Python streatched big

Chapter 3 : A long tale, a bite on history

* month was April 2011

* Place Los Angellous

Bon Voyage Pyladies

Mission of PyLadies

Global Mentorship Group

Increase women in coding in Python

Expert and Amateur

* Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up
* Nobody learns without getting it wrong

Foster Diversity

Community within Community

PyLadies and Open Source

PSF and PyLadies

The PyLadies Party  PyLadies Auction

Chapter 4: Pythonista from other cities sends a little request

Multi Chapter

* Month August, 2011
* Place Washington DC

The Colorful Community

Rebooting PyLadies Pune Chapter

PyLadies Pune Chapter

The 10th July Meet Up

* Planet of Python
* "A Talk to Talk" session
* "Hands on Python"

Chapter 5 : Advice from Pyladies:

Python is for everyone

Thank You


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