What's so great about the Gatsby?

What's Gatsby Again?

  1. Speed

  2. Stack

  3. Sources

  4. Security

  5. Servers

The 5 Esses:

How convenient that they all start with an "S"…

  • Fast by default

  • Single page application

  • Progressive application

  • Lean output code bundle

Speed: What makes it fast?

  • Built on top of React

  • A standardised set of plugins

  • A node application (JavaScript on the front and the backend)

  • Whatever medley of npm packages you desire

Stack: What's it made of?


  • Static files (JS / Markdown / JSON etc)

  • Plugins to pull in content

  • APIs like WordPress, Medium, RSS, Twitter etc

Sources: Where's the content?



  • Simplified stack

  • Less to hack

  • Front-end is contained, decoupled from its APIs

  • Even stronger without WordPress in the equation

Security: Can it be hacked?

  • It can be hosted anywhere

  • We can utilise more modern platforms

  • Netlify, Surge, Now.sh

  • Optimised CDN caching

Servers: Where can it go?

Demo time…

Let's take a look

Thanks for your time!

What's so great about the Gatsby?

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What's so great about the Gatsby?

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