An Introduction to

Ember 2.0 with Ember CLI

David Tang


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  • What is Ember?
  • Why Ember?
  • Installing Ember CLI
  • Getting Started
  • Demo
  • Resources

What is Ember?

  • An opinionated JavaScript framework
    • Ember
    • Ember Data
    • Ember CLI
  • Most often compared to Angular, Backbone, and Reac5

Why Ember?

  • Convention over configuration
    • Large teams
    • Decreased training time
    • Focus on the app
  • Stability without stagnation
    • Don't leave anyone behind
    • Deprecation warnings
  • ES6
  • Ember CLI
  • Ember Data
  • Testing

Installing Ember CLI

  • Node CLI for building Ember applications
  • Install without sudo
  • Installs Ember & Ember Data 1.13.8
  • Broccoli browser compilation library
$ npm install -g ember-cli

# npm config set prefix ~/npm
# PATH=$PATH:$HOME/npm/bin
$ ember new codecamp2015
$ cd codecamp2015
$ ember server

Getting Started

  • Scaffolding
  • Rebuilding on file change
  • ES6
  • Bower and NPM
  • JSHint
  • Tests
$ ember --help
$ ember new --help
$ ember generate --help


  • Handlebars templates
  • Routing
  • Models and Ember Data
  • Components
  • Helpers
  • Controllers
  • Computed Properties and Macros
  • Adapters and Serializers

Ember Data


  • Ember Guides
  • Rock and Roll with Ember ebook -¬†paid
  • Ember 101 (formerly Ember CLI 101) - free

Thank you,

David Tang



By David Tang


This session will introduce you to Ember, a framework for building ambitious web applications. You will build an application using Ember 2 and its companion command line utility Ember CLI. We'll use the power of Ember Data to work with an API and learn how it can be adapted for any backend. We'll also look at the philosophies that drive the framework including convention over configuration and stability without stagnation.

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