Ubuntu Core & Raspberry PI


Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core is a new rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates - a minimal server image with the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu, but applications are provided through a simpler mechanism.

Snap Package

Snaps work on any distribution or device. Snaps are faster to install, easier to create, safer to run, and they update automatically and transactionally so your app is always fresh and never broken.

The public collection of snaps includes the latest and best apps from GitHub and beyond, so you have the whole world of Linux apps at your fingertips. Take the tour below to experience 'hello world' as a snap, or jump to the developer guide to create your own snaps.

A 'snap' is a universal Linux package

Snap Package

How about the UE of developers?

  • Easy to create a build script
  • Easy to upgrade and roll back
  • Support many build plugins
  • Easy to migrate from deb
  • Lack of documentation
  • Build tool unstable sometimes
  • Two versions for Ubuntu?

A Demo

A simple web app to show device infomations

A Demo

snapcraft.yaml file:

A Demo

build & install

$ sudo snappy install nettools_1.0_armhf.snap

A Demo






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Ubuntu Core and Respberry PI

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Ubuntu Core and Respberry PI

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