Evolution of coding 💻 in a world full of AI 🤖

Dima Vishnevetsky

future of coding and the role of human coders

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History of coding

Programming languages were developed to make coding more accessible to non-experts. High-level programming languages made it easier to write code and paved the way for the development of more sophisticated software.

How coding looks today

Mckay Wrigley

How some people feel about that

How I feel about that 👍

AI used to improve coding experience

AI-powered code completion tool that uses machine learning algorithms to suggest code snippets based on context

A tool from GitHub that uses OpenAI Codex to generate code within mainstream development environments, including VS Code, Neovim, JetBrains, and even in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces

CodeT5 and Polycoder - tools that use natural language processing (NLP) to generate code from text descriptions

DeepCode - an AI-powered code review tool that uses machine learning algorithms to identify bugs and security vulnerabilities

CodeGuru - an AI-powered code review tool from AWS that uses machine learning algorithms to identify performance issues and suggest improvements

Projects using AI to improve coding experience:

It can even help you exit

Do we still need



What you need to become a 10X developer

Basic programming principals


Domain knowledge

Prompting skills

Ask ChatGPT to explain React.js like you are 5 years old.

(Use AI to get some of those things)

Ask AI to use you as its human assistant.
Let it ask you questions to get all it needs to achieve the goal you set for it.

End to questions like "What framework should I use?"

Just ask your AI assistant to build the app in all of them and then test them all for who has better performance

Even better, ask it to create a unique new library for you specific needs

I asked chatGPT to tell me a story of how he imagined coding in 100 years

In the year 2123, working as a coder was vastly different from what it had been a century earlier. 
Gone were the days of manually typing out code or relying on clunky software tools. 
Instead, coders now had access to advanced AI systems that could generate code with incredible speed and precision.

For Jack, a coder working at one of the world's leading technology companies, 
this was just another day at the office. He sat down at his desk and donned his virtual reality headset, 
which transported him to a digital workspace filled with immersive holographic displays and AI assistants.

As Jack began his work, 
he interacted with his AI assistants using natural language commands, 
which were instantly translated into code. 
The AI assistants, which had been trained on millions of lines of code, 
could generate code that was optimized for performance, security, 
and other factors with incredible speed and accuracy.

But Jack's job wasn't just about supervising the AI assistants. 
He was also responsible for developing new AI algorithms and systems that could push the boundaries of what was possible in the world of coding. 
Working with a team of other top coders, Jack spent his days experimenting with new ideas and testing out cutting-edge technologies.

Despite the advanced technology at his disposal, 
Jack still found the work challenging and fulfilling. 
The creative problem-solving skills that had been at the core of coding for centuries still played a 
critical role in his work, as he worked to push the limits of what the AI assistants could do and develop new breakthrough technologies.

As the day drew to a close, Jack removed his headset and stepped out of the virtual workspace. 
Looking around at the bustling streets of the city outside, 
he felt a sense of excitement and possibility about what the future held. 
Working as a coder in the year 2123 was vastly different from what it had been a century earlier, but for Jack and his colleagues, it was an exciting and rewarding time to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Dima Vishnevetsky



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Evolution of coding in a world full of AI

By Dima Vishnevetsky

Evolution of coding in a world full of AI

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