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Dione Mentis | Coko Foundation

Definition: Single Source Publishing (SSP) is an approach used by technical publishing systems that focuses on using one source file, shared across content creation and production stages.

But first ... why?




Principles of a Lasting SSP Approach

  1. Enables real-time collaboration between content and production teams
  2. Compatible with familiar tools for content creation and production
  3. Supports progressive content structuring for multiple outputs
  4. Utilises future-proof tech that defends against technical obsolescence

Benefits and Examples

​HTML as the ideal single-source format

Textbooks and Monographs

Example Under the Hood

SSP in Ketty Overview

Research Papers and Journals

Example Under the Hood

SSP in Kotahi Overview

 Learning Assessments

 Example Under the Hood

 SSP for Assessments Overview 

 New horizons with AI

 Example Under the Hood


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LPF 2024 Single Source Publishing

By Dione Mentis

LPF 2024 Single Source Publishing

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