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Key Features

  • Notification of Angular releases within your IDE
  • Check for latest and next releases on the fly
  • Run ng update from the comfort of your IDE
  • Run a post-update checkup
  • Auto configure Angular projects for VS Code

Why an extension?

  • No subscriptions or sign-ups
  • Devs need focus
  • Devs live inside their IDE
  • Rare to check if there's a new patch release
  • Multiple projects can be on different releases
  • Awareness of next releases

Status Checks on Launch 

On the fly checks

Sidebar with Versions
Quick Commands

Help Section


In Summary

  • Stay in your IDE, stay focused

  • Become comfortable executing ng update commands

  • Reliably verify your upgrades

  • Keep your Angular Evergreen



Angular Evergreen

By Doguhan Uluca

Angular Evergreen

The Angular team releases new versions of Angular frequently. Each release nudges your codebase to be compliant with the next major release. In addition to receiving security and bug fixes, you next upgrade happens much quicker as a result. This is the Angular Evergreen motto.

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