ASP.NET 5 vs iojs

Doguhan Uluca

JavaScript Specialty Lead

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Kevin Groat

JavaScript Specialist

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Have you written a Web API before?

apples v oranges

Importance of

Open Source Software

open stack

universal execution

open souce

open governance

Brief History

part 1


.NET Framework

2002 - today

.NET Core

2015 - future

Brief History

part 2


What is it?

  • Forked from NodeJS
  • Newer V8 engine
  • Faster, better features

Why not NodeJS?

  • Joyent
  • "Monarchy"
  • Stalled innovation

The Future of NodeJS

  • War is over
  • Expect iojs merge in a month
  • Open governance
  • Node Foundation
  • Frequent release cycle

What does it mean?

  • Stick with NodeJS (0.10) until merge
  • Influence future of NodeJS
  • Faster ES6 (ES2015) and ES7 (ES2016) adoption


  • Rapid release cycle
  • Native modules
    • NAN eases pain
  • No solid LTS plan in place


apples v oranges

static vs dynamic

maintenance overhead

partial vs full JavaScript


removing complexity

async-await vs *-yield

string interpolation vs string templates


Thank you

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ASP.NET 5 vs iojs

By Doguhan Uluca

ASP.NET 5 vs iojs

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