Git kata #2

Continuous Integration

Tomasz Ducin
8th December 2013, Warsaw

Continuous Integration

quick tour

kata training

  • create github repository, turn travis on
  • add .travis.yml file & trigger empty build
  • add some working code
  • add some testing code
  • install prerequisites & use them in tests
  • improve docs / skip build
  • create new branch
  • build only chosen branches
  • use database

Jenkins / Hudson

travis jenkins
+ hosted, credibility (status images) - host yourself
- 1 repository at a time + binding builds (triggers)
- fixing OS-related issues can be painful + you've got the access to your own machine
- no plugins + damn lots of plugins
perfect for
open source projects, popular libraries and frameworks commercial products and/or very big products (many different repos)

Git kata #2: Continuous Integration

By Tomasz Ducin

Git kata #2: Continuous Integration

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