• State Machines

  • Back in the game: Recent Revolutionary Changes in Angular

  • Thinking in Signals

  • O'Reilly: Architect's Guide to Frontend Frameworks

  • Primitive Obsession

  • Future of JavaScript Architecture

  • Architect's Guide to Frontend Frameworks

  • The many meanings of IoC in JavaScript

  • everything is a stream

  • Async Functions Awaiting You

  • JavaScript + Java = TypeScript

  • 5 Architectures of Asynchronous JavaScript

    Abstract: In this talk we'll discuss 5 alternative approaches to handle async operations: callbacks, events, promises, coroutines and reactive streams. None of them is either legacy or a silver bullet - a good dev needs to pick the right tool for the job. However, in order to understand them, we must step back to fundamentals all these rely on: the mechanics of event loop and run to completion rule, as well as learn to distinguish between sync and async flow. Then we proceed to design patterns built on top of each of the 5 approaches, discussing their strengths and limitations. Funfacts, such as famous Promise.race() included!

  • Backend-less development revisited

  • API Contracting

  • Enterprise Interface Architecture

    Enterprise Interface Architecture at FullStack London 2015

  • Seeking Scalable Design

    Enterprise Interface Architecture: Seeking Scalable Design

  • ng-enterprise

    presentation during ng-poland 2016 conference (@ngPolandConf)

  • JSON Schema (non-JS version)

    JSON Schema - JSON, schemas and what you can do with it

  • JSON Schema (JS version)

    Enterprise Interface Architecture: JSON Schema

  • grunt.js: frontend automation briefly

  • Situation on the Front

    How did the Web change over last 10 years? And how does this affect developers? Presentation made during CybercomDEV 2015 conference (2015.cybercomdev.pl)

  • PyWaw Summit 2015

  • All that JS

  • yo coffee! or butler on call

    Presentation during Warsaw JavaScript meetings, meet.js October 2014

  • what if we don't have api

    Presentation during Warsaw Python Meetings, http://pywaw.org/41/

  • Mongodb aggregation & Map-Reduce

    MongoDB built-in tools for processing data

  • Git kata #2: Git & Scrum

    Presentation during Git workshops, http://v2.gitkata.pl/

  • Git kata #2: Continuous Integration

    Presentation during Git workshops, http://v2.gitkata.pl/

  • thrift

    Presentation during Warsaw Python Meetings, http://pywaw.org/31/

  • twisted

    Introduction to Twisted Networking Framework

  • nosql

    No SQL theory and engines overview