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At SfG we build mobile and web applications.



"We bring people and technology

together to solve complex world problems."

What comes to mind when someone says:

"Technology! Dream Big!"

Why should you care?

  • Technology is changing the world
  • Know where your expertise fits in
  • As a tech company that wants to make the world better, SfG knows its limitations
  • Learn enough to recognize where tech ends and Community Action begins



Principles of Software Development


  • Timebox
  • Be open-minded
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Experiment
  • Iterate
  • Concretize


Might have to take some risks?

Software Development Process

Strategy Consulting

  • Analyzing a problem
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Designing

Software Development

  • Build


Get Ready To Be a Strategy Consultant!

  • Talk about your problems
  • Examples:
    • Why do we always lose contact with clients after they finish our program?
    • There has to be an easier way to manage all this paperwork!




Don't let technology limit your thinking

Be a Strategy Consultant!

Write Down 3 to 5 problems.

  1. Think out loud to your fellow group members.
  2. This is a brainstorm session
  3. Ask questions:
    1. What solutions have you tried?
    2. Is there a deeper, underlying problem?
    3. Do I have the same problem?
    4. What about this problem is unique?
    5. What has this problem cost your organization?

Don't focus on technology!

Different kinds of apps

  1. Basic Website: static page, sharing information, very limited number of people can edit it
    • ​Wix, Squarespace
  2. Fancy Websites
    • Wordpress (with plugins) 
  3. Commercial Web Apps
    • Salesforce, Google suite 
  4. Custom Websites 
    • Wordpress, generic database 
  5. Web Applications: 100% customizable
  6. Mobile Apps: 100% customizable 

The Future is Now!



Artificial Intelligence!


3D Printing!


Internet of Things!




Big Data!

Different kinds of problems

  • Communication
    • Distributed teams, real time collaboration
  • Logistics
    • All the moving pieces
  • Automation
    • Simplify your life
  • Accessibility
    • Help your clients better
  • Data Collection, Aggregation, Analysis
    • Gain insight
  • There are definitely more...

Analyze your problems

How can technology further your mission?

Do your problems fit into the categories below?


  • Communication
  • Logistics
  • Automation
  • Accessibility
  • Data Collection, Aggregation, Analysis



Design Solutions

Pick 1 of your problems that you talked to other people about. Draw a few screens of what might address the problem.

Custom Software on a Budget

  • Open Source
  • Partnerships with tech companies
  • Tech companies adopt a project
  • Freelance volunteers
  • Aspiring developers
  • Hackathons


Think of an idea big enough to get a techie excited

Communicating Solutions

You are an expert in Community Action.

You know what problems the community is facing

You know what technology will best serve your community.


You can articulate it in a way that impresses colleagues, board members, funders, etc.


What's your solution? (Keep It Simple)




  • Get things done without leaving your inbox
  • Early detection of Alzheimer's disease
  • A marketplace for car dealers to buy and sell used cars from each other
  • Team management for eSports
  • Using AI to cure genetic disease
  • No-brew coffee - the easiest way to have great coffee
  • AI dermatologist for India


Practice communicating

  1. Identify a problem in your work
  2. Identify a possible solution
  3. How can you test your assumptions?
  4. How would you explain that solution to others? (how about different others?)
  5. How can you experiment with your solution?


Thanks for coming!


Stay in touch!




I'd love to hear your feedback,

questions, problems, and crazy ideas!

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