Meeting with Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo González is a financial management specialist with over 25 years of high-level career experience to his name. As a fund manager and consultant for a major equity management company in New York City, Mr. Gonzalez is responsible for finding viable market practices and investing prospects for his investors. He has been interested in many areas of the financial services industry since he first joined the business and has been regarded by his colleagues as having extensive knowledge and knowledge of competitive market trends. Mr. González 's home is near Hoboken, New Jersey. Although it can not handle projects for its customers, it can be used to support a wide range of community-based services. Eduardo González is committed to supporting the Hoboken neighborhood and its people.

by  Eduardo Gonzalez

Learning and Early Financial Markets Exposure
Eduardo González is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Management in 1997. His studies at this widely regarded private academic institution trained him for the rigors of the financial industry; he learned important expertise in evaluating business dynamics and manipulating funds.
His first job in the world of financial services came shortly after graduation when Mr. González was employed as a technical analyst by Factset Analysis Systems, Inc. Here, he collaborated with clients on developing rating templates for equity analysis. His efforts resulted in a 25% growth in revenue, thus allowing the company to expand its activities in Europe and beyond.

Meeting with Eduardo Gonzalez

By Eduardo Gonzalez Hoboken

Meeting with Eduardo Gonzalez

In 2000, Eduardo joined the Invesco board as part of the three-person equity fund management team. His stock and fund analysis expertise proved invaluable; Morningstar's Houston, Texas company progressed over a one-year cycle from the 92nd percentile to the 20th percentile of the peer level. The Eduardo team operated a $500 million multi-cap, multi-sector venture fund.

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