How SE's can shorten the sales cycle: best practices in implementation and integration


a tiny bit about algolia

hosted search as a service

implementation process

What are you looking for?

What is the "best"?

  • User experience
  • Relevancy
  • Performance
  • ....?

the triad

the wonderful wide world of prospects





A/B test-ready working POC

Help customer understand where Algolia can provide value

Guide customer through "mini" implementation phase

the nitty-gritty


Provide timeline with major milestones, working backwards from goal completion date


  • Slack channel
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Email threads
  • Etc.

milestone workshops

deep-dives into the product

  • Help frame the upcoming phase
  • Tackle bite-size chunks at a deeper level


SE Tools

Command line interface to run diagnostics on indices

side-by-side comparison

User interface to let customer test queries against two different indices

data indexing

  • Offer data structure or format suggestions
  • Write a script to update data
  • Review data for potential optimizations
  • Provide technical debugging of indexing issues

configure ranking & relevancy settings

  • Identify problem queries and help debug relevancy issues
  • Set up a side-by-side comparison tool to review relevancy across indices
  • Provide suggestions to fine-tune ranking based off use-case / data

build the front-end user interface

  • Create designs or wireframes to guide the user experience discussions
  • Troubleshoot JS questions related to an Algolia library
  • Build a full-fledged demo

"no battle plan survives contact with the enemy."

~ Helmuth von Moltke the elder

where will your hand-holding provide the most value?

Consider the context:

  • Internal resources available
  • KPIs identified
  • Etc.


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Solutions Engineering - Lessons Learned

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