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Resources for Research

Today we will look at:

  • Options for accessing resources during the pandemic
    • accessing course readings
    • research strategies
  • Citing the sources you find

Which library services have you used so far during the pandemic?

Answer at www.menti.com/gdbg893u5y

Library services during pandemic times

Accessing Books & Digitized Copies

Includes instructions for:

  • Placing requests for physical books
  • Requesting scanned portions of books
  • Accessing ebooks & articles
  • Accessing items in HathiTrust

Note - during the pandemic:

  • Online library services are always available
  • Returns are quarantined for (at least) seven days
  • Late fees are suspended


Current "physical" services:


Request physical books to pick up at
Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Request scanned portions of books in & outside our collection (up to 10% or 1 chapter)

Study space in Libraries suspended during code red

Convent of la Tourette

Le Corbusier. Convent of la Tourette. 1957-1960. Éveux, France. http://www.artstor.org.

Example search:

Architect: Le Corbusier

Location: Éveux, France

Date of construction: 1957-1960


Can make or break your search.

Main ones so far:

  • Le Corbusier
  • Convent of La Tourette
    • Does it go by other names? What's the original French name?
  • France, French architecture, 1957-1960
    • Searching for "French architecture" is very broad. Is there a name for the style used? How is this time period referred to?

Starting your research:

Reference works

(encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc)

  • Quick overview of a person, movement, sometimes a specific building
  • Online access options:
    • Oxford Art Online (database)
    • Credo Reference (database)
    • UM Library Search > limit Resource Type to Reference Entries

Document Delivery during pandemic times

("Request from another library" link in the Library Search)


No physical book requests


Request a copy of up to 10% or one chapter of a book


Request journal articles

Requesting a chapter or 10%

Search for the Table of Contents:

  • in the Details area of a Library Search record
  • via Google Books or Amazon (sometimes there is also a preview...)
  • email documentdelivery@umanitoba.ca just to request the Table of Contents
    • Provide at least the title, author, link to the book in the Library Search


  • Le Corbusier
  • Convent of La Tourette
    • Does it go by other names? What's the original French name?
  • France, French architecture, 1957-1960
    • modernism, modern architecture
    • Modulor system (more specific)
    • Purism
      • Do those more specific keywords relate specifically to the building I'm looking at?


  • Full instructions on accessing material in HathiTrust  
  • Tip: "Electronic Resources Print Unavailable" location in Library Search means this is available in HathiTrust
    • If it's a journal article:
      • Search for HathiTrust in our list of Databases A-Z
      • Look up the name of the journal
      • Find the volume, issue, & page number for the article
      • Use the Ask Us chat for help at any point!

Finding Sources

UM Library Search

  • All physical resources within the Libraries
  • Some (not all) of the databases we subscribe to
    • Includes many reference texts available online (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc)
    • If you sign in, results from ArtStor (images)
  • Very broad search engine - might get a lot of unrelated results.

Search Tip: to get more results

Try to find all the different ways of expressing the concept you're searching for. This can be done by:

  • putting OR between synonyms (rome OR roman)
  • adding an asterisk (*) to the root of a word:


E.g.: Canad* - finds Canada, Canadian, Canadians

Christian* - finds Christian, Christians, Christianity...


Note - Christ* also finds Christmas, Christo (the artist)...

Search Tip: to get more specific results

(narrowing down your search)

  • Put a phrase "in quotation marks" to find results with those words in that order.
    • E.g.: "gothic revival"
  • Use NOT to exclude unrelated content.
    • E.g. union NOT soviet - for content about unions, but not the soviet one


More search tips on the Graduate Help & Services pages

For more sources, check:

  • Bibliographies of works on your topic
  • "Cited by" feature in many databases (e.g. Avery)
  • Subject headings in databases

How would you search for this article?

Clark, C. (1958)   “Transport – Maker and Breaker of Cities” in The Town Planning Review, Vol. 28, No. 4 (January 1958). pp. 237-50.Ekistics

for more articles:

  • Related Reading sidebar

for more books:

  • Virtual Browse
    • Includes books from ALL UM Libraries

Finding newspaper articles

  • UM Library Search > limit Resource Type to Newspaper Articles
  • Databases A-Z > search for newspaper
    • One nice broad one - ProQuest Digitized Newspapers
  • History subject guide > Primary Sources > Newspapers

Evaluating Sources

Learn at the Libraries resource page


CRAAP Test - particularly important for evaluating websites


Currency - Is there a date the page was published or updated? How current are the cited sources? Are there broken links?

Relevancy - who is the intended audience?

Authority - is the author a recognized expert in this field?

Accuracy - supported with evidence (citations)? Peer-reviewed?

Purpose - to inform? teach? entertain? persuade? sell? Check the domain (eg: .com = commercial, .org = non-profit, .edu = educational...)

Searching beyond the UM Library Collection


Other useful links for citing in APA:

Citing & writing support

For help with:

  • Resources for getting started with citing
  • Questions about citing unusual resources
    • Quick help: Ask Us library chat
    • Ask Ellen (might take 1-2 business days to respond via email during busiest times)

For help with:

  • Going over citation formatting throughout essay in detail
  • Guidance on writing style

Open questions time

Ask at www.menti.com/gdbg893u5y


General Library Help

  • Questions about your library account, or how the UM Libraries work? The Help & Services page for graduate students may have the answer.
  • During the Fall term, library staff are available via the Ask Us chat service: 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday, and 1pm-4pm on weekends.
    • Fastest way to ask a general question about the Libraries.
    • If we're not online, your message will be received the following morning.


Research Support

  • Interior Design subject guide
    • resources for research
    • citation info
  • Contact Ellen for help with your search strategy when looking for resources for your assignments, advice on which databases are the best places to look for various research topics, and with questions about citing.


EVLU 4016

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EVLU 4016

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