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Remote Working

Fatih Acet

4 March 2017

Bilkent University

Fatih Acet

Frontend Engineer at


Previously,, Tart, Kartaca

My remote working experience

4 years working remotely

Started with Koding: Istanbul ➡️ SF

Now: Istanbul ➡️ 🌎 (GitLab)

GitLab is a remote only company and currently have

155 team members in 37 countries and 17 timezones



  • Choose where you want to live
    • You can work in the beach or in the mountain
    • All you need is a computer and internet connection
  • Travel the world

Your own schedule

  • Decide your own working hours
  • Take your time to do other things

Say goodbye to commuting

  • Don't have to commute for 2 hours in a day
  • Your new office is 12 steps away from your bed

It is cheaper

  • Both for employer and employee
  • Employer
    • No office space cost or office supplies etc.
  • Employee
    • No commute cost
    • Option to live in cheaper places

Create your own workplace

  • Take your interrupted time and be more productive
  • Enjoy your taste of music
  • Work in a quiet place

A lot of options in job search

  • You are not limited with the place you live
  • Better salary chance
  • Better company benefits

Experience diffent cultures

  • You can work people from all over the world
  • Learn new cultures
  • Understand the cultural differences


Adaptation difficulties

  • Onboarding and code contribution takes more time

Setting Work Life Balance

  • When to start
  • When to stop
  • It's not all about work

Different timezones

  • Try to work in your timezone
  • Check in with others in their timezone when necessary
  • Reschedule your day to cover both timezones

Feeling isolated

  • Lack of social interaction
  • Don't work from home for weeks
  • Use co-working places or coffee shops to work

Lack of physical activity

  • Go to gym
  • Take a short walk or run everyday
  • Do some exercises at home


  • Kids, they always want attention
  • Grocery shopping
  • Car needs to be fixed
  • Other non-work related stuff to take care

Tips and Tricks

Don't forget that

this is your main job

Work for a company

knows the remote culture

Use asynchronous communication methods

Manage your time better

Make your workplace better

Always know your task list

Be part of the team

That's all folks!


Thank you!


All Aspects of Remote Working

By Fatih Acet

All Aspects of Remote Working

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