Estimations, quality, testing...

Fran García-Linares & ALGM ops team

July 2020

Agenda (30~60min)



Team alignment on processes and expectations.





The problem

The side effects

The solution

Q & A

The problem(s)

Reality check

  • We are having more complex work and it results in writing a lot of custom code (contrib opportunity)


The problem(s)

  • When reaching the "estimated" time, we rush things and don't "polish" as much as we should.
    • ​Then we either don't run code by QC 😱
    • Or we run it but we're reluctant to make changes due to time

The side effects

Quality suffers and... IT WILL COME BACK!

  • ​We'll need to spend time fixing the old and the new issue
  • Maybe it'll land on somebody without context of the initial solution - could be PM, dev and/or client


Code smells:

  • Hardcoding values that can be computed or retrieved using Drupal calls
  • Too generic changes (side effects on other parts of the site)
  • Unfinished "projects" just because they're not live yet (polishing starts from day 1)

The solution
#teamWork #processes

  • We need to factor quality vs estimation within reason, and it's ok to take the conversation to PM and/or client
  • Quality should always be first goal and drive the process
  • Tools:
    • ​#algm-estimations (or estimation round, or sync estimation...)
    • ​#algm-raisetheflag
    • #algm-qc
    • Zoom, slack, tech stand up
  • ​Think contrib when possible (since the moment of estimation)
  • If we cannot delivery quality, then we should make all aware of why and it should be agreed by all, but as a rule, we should ALWAYS deliver quality.
    • ​Differentiate quality vs nice-to-have

Q & A

INTERNAL // Estimation, quality...

By Francisco García-Linares

INTERNAL // Estimation, quality...

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