GIT workshop (15-20 min)

Fran García-Linares

December 2017







Git and GitHub

Workflow practices (branching, PRs, merging, etc)

Issues when working with other people (aka git conflicts)

Issues when working with multiple branches (permissions, changed files, etc)

Q & A


  • Basically this means console
  • Documentation: here
  • You can survive with:
    • git status
    • git add / commit 
      • git commit -am "..."
    • git pull / push / merge
    • git checkout
  • Others
    • D7 => (git submodule)
    • git stash
  • There is lots of extra info, good practices, naming conventions, etc in confluence: here
  • NOTE: MacOS file system is case insensitive (issues with branch names...)


  • This means the Github UI. 
  • It's just a remote place to store our git repos (alternatives: bitbucket, gitlab, codebase, drupal, etc)
  • Useful to:
    • Define repo permissions
    • Review code (via PRs)
    • Create branches? (more later)
  • Not useful to:
    • Resolve conflicts (I will never ever use -again- github to solve any merge conflicts)

Useful hack for MacOS

  • Have git branch on your prompt
    • Sometimes git branch fails to recognise current branch)
    • nano ~/.bash_profile (append the below snippet)
    • source ~/.bash_profile
# Git branch in prompt.
parse_git_branch() {
    git symbolic-ref HEAD 2> /dev/null | sed -e 's/^refs\/heads\///g' -e 's/^/ \(/' -e 's/$/\)/'


export PS1="${RESET}${NORMAL}\u@MacBookPro :: \w${YELLOW}\$(parse_git_branch) ${NORMAL}$ "

Workflow practices (branching, PRs, merging, etc)

  • Branching
    • Creating new branches
      • Via Github (UI + git pull + git checkout...)
      • Via console (git checkout prod + git checkout -b... + git push -u...)
  • PRs
    • Via github
    • Via console: git request-pull
  • Merging
    • Merge prod into your branch regularly (if working on big tickets)
      • git checkout prod && git pull
      • git checkout BRANCH && git merge prod
  • Delete merged branches
    • After merging to prod it's good practice to delete the branch
    • git branch -a (shows all branches, local & remote)
    • Do this from github, it can always be recovered if needed

Issues when working with other people (aka git conflicts)

  • Don't use github resolving tool / commands
    • It will try to solve it AND push changes (probably to the least expected branch...)
  • If you have a git conflict (the PRs has some conflict merges)
    • Identify where the error is (you can use the github tool for this or merge manually on your local)
      • Common:
        • .gitmodules (move module to the middle of the file)
        • CSS (recompile css and ignore older version)
        • Check code and see what the conflict is
          • Sometimes both parts of the conflict are valid
          • Sometimes only one part is valid
          • Sometimes a mix of the parts is the valid resolution
          • Best solution for these is to "talk" to the other person if you're not sure of the resolution

Issues when working with multiple branches (permissions, changed files, etc)

  • Issues when changing branches
    • File permissions
      • Mostly due to Drupal
      • chmod 777 sites/default
    • Uncommitted changes
      • Ignore and be careful
      • git stash / git stash pop
    • Git submodules folders
      • Ignore and be careful
      • rm -rf path/to/folder
      • gm*
        • When switching back to branch with those modules
    • Others: slack!

* Alias list. Similar to:

   git submodule update --init + 
   git submodule sync

Q & A

INTERNAL // GIT workflows and issues - workshop

By Francisco García-Linares

INTERNAL // GIT workflows and issues - workshop

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