The JavaScript Monster

eating the world

Szmozsánszky István
POSSIBLE / Mozilla

New Tech Meetup Budapest

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(Note: talk is in Hungarian)
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JavaScript growing up

JS: 1995

ES1: 1997

ES5.1: 2011

ES6: 2015 (a.k.a: ES2015)

How it all started...

Performance & features…

…in nice small packages


Firefox OS



Becoming a maker platform…

A shameless plug… :)

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The JavaScript monster - eating the world

By Szmozsánszky István

The JavaScript monster - eating the world

You might love it, or hate it — but can't really avoid bumping into it: JavaScript has conquered the farthest reaches, and the slightest niches - and is now coming to you (your watch, your pacemaker, your neural implant), so you better accept the fact - the JavaScript of things is a (new) reality.

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