Understand the basics to write an essay paper

Writing an essay paper is part of the English language course and it starts from the high school classes itself. If you have issues with paper writing, ask for help from https://customessayorder.com/ best essay writing service. However, most of the college professors do not find the essay writing of the incoming college students to be of the desired standard. The obvious and most important reason is the general misconception of the essay outline that is due to certain mistakes committed by the students while writing their college term papers. While this paper will list some of the important guidelines for English writing, students are advised to look at some sample essays also for getting a better grip on the writing skills. Look for the directions and requirements of your tutor. This will mean going through the question sheet and the list of topics in depth. Professional essay writing service will write an ideal paper in a very short term

This should follow with the finding of the personal interest of your tutor to know if any topic finds more favor with the tutor.

Equally important for writing an essay paper is to know about your own personal interests and to find if the selected topic is comfortable for you to write. In addition, it is essential that the directions of the tutor as mentioned in the question paper be followed precisely. Students should discuss the paper with the professor to know more about the nature and content of instructions given.

Select the topic carefully

Students should do mental exercise and some research on all the topics given in the question choice list. The selection of the topic will require hectic research on the subject and mental frame-up of your viewpoint on the chosen topic. Therefore, try to write on an issue that is new, uncommon and challenging. This will attract the attention of the tutor, who will read your paper thoroughly, maybe many times.


As every individual has his or her own opinion on a certain issue, this added to the unique writing style makes every writer a special one. Hence, students should try to find and acknowledge their writing skills, which can be different from others, in a positive manner.

Students can look at some of the personal essays, to understand their own way of writing an essay paper. 

Make a rough draft

Make a mental note of all the points gathered on the chosen topic and put them down on the paper in the shape of a rough draft. This will make the way for writing an introduction to the essay.  While the essay main content should follow smoothly from one paragraph to another, the subtitles should be properly listed, in a prominent manner.

Once the draft is made, the final paper should be written in a decent way with proper essay format.


Provide evidence to support your writing

While doing research on the selected topic, make note of all the articles, publications, and books that you have consulted, as they will form the evidence references for your essay paper. Students must remember that it is very essential to give proper in-text citation references to their written contents. This will save them from any allegation of plagiarism.

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By Fred Kuney