Do u even pair bro?

Pair Programming 101

For Pair Columbus

What is it?

 two programmers work as a pair 

together on one workstation.

Bert & Ernie

How is it done?

  • the driver - writes code
  • the navigator - leads & reviews each line

Why do we do it?

  • Faster development
  • Fewer distractions
  • Immediate code review
  • Less bugs
  • Great strategy for onboarding

Why we avoid it?

  • Working with others is hard
  • Prefer to work on our own schedule
  • Self-conscious about our code
  • Think we code faster alone
  • Feel superior to other devs


Tips for avoiding false starts


  • Get a feel for your partner.
    • Chitchat, small talks, etc
    • Long walks on the beach
  • Look before you leap
    • exploratory coding
    • white boarding
    • pseudocode


Driver Tips

  • Don't cowboy code
  • Be open to direction
  • Speak less, navigator should lead

Navigator Tips

  • Lead by example (ie. tone, attitude)
  • No "let me show yous", be patient
  • Learn to express your code in words

Pairing Strategy #1

  • 2 devs, 1 computer
  • Take turns as driver and navigator
  • Switch roles every 15-30 minutes
  • Navigator may use 2nd computer for research

Pairing Strategy #2

  • 2 devs, 1 computer
  • Dev #1 writes a test
  • Dev #2 makes it pass
  • Switch roles every test




Do u even pair bro?

By Jay Bobo

Do u even pair bro?

A quick primer on pair programming.

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