We study natural and artificial neural networks.

Lex Fridman


IEEE Vis 2018

Cleveland and McGill 1985

Jesse Freeman

Aswin Vasudevan

Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development

The ABCD Study is the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States.

> 10k children

> 30k scans

Loraine Franke

PacificVis 2021




for Alignment

Yahiya Hussain

Gianna Yang


Auto-Encoder to find patterns in sequential genome data

Interactive ROI selection

EuroVis 2020

The Oregon-Massachusetts Mammography Database

Bits to Bytes

Daniel Haehn

Nurit Haspel

Alexey Tonyushkin

Marc Pomplun

Dan Simovici

Bill Lotter

Greg Sorensen


Haehn et al.: The Oregon-Massachusetts Mammography Database (OMAMA-DB)

World's Largest Publicly-Available Annotated Mammography Dataset

70,000 imaging studies with ground truth labels

acquired data over 9 years

GE (63%), Hologic (37%)

50,000 mammograms

20,000 tomosynthesis

no tomosynthesis

> 95% Hologic


Haehn et al.: The Oregon-Massachusetts Mammography Database (OMAMA-DB)

manual annotation of 70,000 studies is not feasible

Intelligent Annotation Framework

Two Artificial Neural Networks.. together for Quality control

Discriminator finds error pattern of Classifier

Haehn et al.: The Oregon-Massachusetts Mammography Database (OMAMA-DB)

GPU Compute: 2x NVIDIA DGX A100

CS410 Student Project

Freddy Mansour + team



Machine Psychology 2021

By Daniel Haehn

Machine Psychology 2021

Machine Psychology at UMass Boston. See!

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