• Collecting and Visualizing COVID-19 Case Count Data from Multiple Open Sources

  • TrelliscopeJS

  • rminiconda

  • geofacet

  • TrelliscopeJS

    Lightning talk on Trelliscope (given at R User Meetup May 2019)

  • DATASUS Data Exploration Using Small Multiples

  • Applications of Large-Scale Visualization Using Trelliscope

  • What I've been up to

  • Applications of Interactive Exploration of Large Multi-Panel Faceted Displays Using Trelliscope

  • TrelliscopeJS

    Visualization in the Tidyverse (given at rstudio::conf 2017 and a modified version given at the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup)

  • rbokeh

    A Simple, Flexible, Declarative Framework for Interactive Graphics (given at useR! 2016 and JSM 2016)

  • Rencontres R 2016

  • R/Finance 2016

  • tessera-qut2016

  • tessera-uts2015