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Why not testing?

First Job

  • Low pay
  • Develop Live
  • No source control
  • No testing


use Inhouse::Library;
use JSON;

$user = Inhouse::Library::createUser({ 
    username => "zoidberg", 
    password => "doctor"

print JSON::to_json($user);

const Users = require('./models/users.js');

    username => "zoidberg", 
    password => "doctor"
}).then(function(user) {


Gavin asks you

(Gavin draws the best)

Indirect Pros

  • Learning Codebases
    • New Hire can write tests
    • Tests are always up to date when compared to documentation
    • When/why is this code supposed to be used.

"We need time to test"

  • Often leads to features being shipped that have never been used
  • Blame others (QA) when things don't get caught

Why not testing first?

  • Helps you think about design
  • Lets you fail fast
  • Write failing test first, then code
  • Refactoring later isn't scary

How do I run tests?

  • grunt/gulp/etc
  • mocha (with watch)
  • qunit
  • many many more



  • guard
  • rake
  • rspec
  • minitest
  • unittest
  • many many more


  • IdeaJ
  • Sublime/Atom
  • many many more


  • nose
  • unittests
  • many many more

No, more automated!

  • Jenkins
  • Travis-ci (.org)
  • Circle CI
  • Bamboo
  • Team City
  • Visual Studio Online (VSTS)
  • more more more

Where do I start testing

  • Convert simple scripts into tests
  • Generally anything you care about
  • API Return values
  • Public methods
  • Small discreet units


Don't forget bugs

How do I test?

Really easy.

  1. Run some code
  2. Check the value
test "should save article with title" do
  article = => "Gavin's Article")

test "should load with the same title" do
  # create new article
  created_article = Article.create(title => "Gavin's Better Article")
  assert_not_null created_article
  # load from DB
  loaded_article = Article.find(
  # check values
  assert_not_null loaded_article
  assert_equal loaded_article.title, "Gavin's Better Article"

E2E Tests

  • Usually involve setting up a complete environment
  • Websites will actually automate browsers for testing
  • Mobile apps will test in emulators or real devices with real apps
  • Talking to a fully setup backend. Hopefully not production code, but certainly possible


More Information

  • Selenium - Website Testing / Automation
  • Appium - Mobile (And more) / Automation
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Universal Windows Platform
  • Xamarin
    • (Let other speaker talk about it)


Gavin Mogan

Why not testing? (April 2016)

By Gavin Mogan

Why not testing? (April 2016)

Testing presentation for Code Coffee Vancouver ( Goal was to show that testing doesn't have to be perfect, any you can really start anywhere.

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