Portable Document Format

online generating

1. PDF script derived from PostScript (Adobe XML Forms Architecture, ISO 32000-1)


2. Ruby wrapper for XFA: Prawn


3. *.X to PDF: wkhtmltopdf for backend, html5 solutions are not powerful enough


4. *.X to *.Y: Pandoc (based on wkhtmltopdf)

How to generate a PDF document?

1. Based on QtWebKit

2. Stable versions are headless running supported

3. Full HTML/CSS support, including external links (external css, images), inline styles and SVG

4. Powerful support for Printing standard

Pros. of wkhtmltopdf (LGPLv3)

1. Strictly limited to HTML coding style

2. Seriously influenced by HTML/CSS implementation

3. Better to use Printing style CSS

4. Some typesettings may need debugging:

  for e.g. page-break-x

  for e.g. table header

 Cons. of wkhtmltopdf (LGPLv3)


GC / Insight

construct reporting dom

Embedded in iframe page

Send dom to backend

Sync send pdf to frontend

Async send to s3 & show link

In invisible area of the page

pdf online generating

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pdf online generating

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