The best boss in the worlD

lessons learned from a decade of self employment


Helen Sherwood-Taylor

PyCon Namibia

February 2017

cycling adventures

A long bike ride

freelancing can be...

  • On a team, or alone
  • The specialist, or one of many
  • Client's office or remote
  • Client's hours or your own schedule
  • Fixed price, or paid hourly / daily
  • New project, or somebody else's mess (or nice code)
  • Big or small company

Working anywhere

Setting your own schedule

  • Find a schedule that works for you
  • Discipline to both start and stop working
  • Leave something for tomorrow

multiple clients

working alone

Be a good colleague to yourself

thank you!


The best boss in the world

By Helen Sherwood-Taylor

The best boss in the world

Keynote for PyCon Namibia 2017

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