Key Features

Ideal for hassle free top ups

 Battery drain,  and availability of battery while reaching the station, all taken care of

Enlisting of all offers and reviews 


We are proposing a solution as an application which installed in a phone can  pair with owner's car via bluetooth and can take necessary data. 

It can be installed in IOT enabled car infotainment system and work in a similar fashion 


Estimated battery drain while reaching the station calculated through researched mathematical formulae

Drain = 204-(2 * 10^ -4) * distance

The Buisness Model

We provide a platform to the EV charger owners to widen their customer base and also decrease the idle time of charging stations, giving more business to owners.

We propose to charge on a commission basis from the owner


Investment Vs Profits

The developing cost of the platform with industry level practices will be approximately only 4 Lacs with a developing time of  1-1.5 month.

Even commissioning 3% of each viable transaction can recover the cost in 4-5 months when the use of Electric cars will increase.

Thank You!




Contributors:  Abhishek Sharma

                         Hemabh Kamboj

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