Projection Mapping

Thursday Learning at SimpleReach


Interactive Telecommunications Program
NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

"Tech and Art into people’s Lives"


  • A camp for adults!
  • 4 week crash course/playground 
  • For busy working professionals
    (non-student makers/artists/creative of all sorts)
  • Every June, evenings and weekends 

ITP CAMP Programs

  • Projection Mapping
  • 3D Printing, Laser Cutter
  • Arduino, Drones
  • Soft Circuits 
  • Processing (java), iOS, Web Development
  • Web Storytelling / Documentary
  • And more and more...


Projection Mapping

(aka Video Mapping)

  • Take a projector

  • Point it at a physical volume
    (like an object or an architectural element)

  • Map an image onto it
    Video Art, Advertisement, Music ...


  • Projection mapping is relatively new

  • The first known record of projections was in 1969
    when Disneyland opened their Haunted Mansion ride

  • The next record of projection mapping is from 1980 
    by artist Michael Naimark

  • By 2001, more artists began using projection mapping

Mad Mapper


Projection Mapping

By heyjinkim

Projection Mapping

Give you some idea about Projection Mapping. And what she learned from ITP Camp.

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