Why Is Javascript So Popular

Javascript is everywhere, from mobile apps to websites and from tech giants to startups everyone is using javascript. Every smart device from mobile phones to TVs etc, each one uses javascript. But the real question is why is it becoming so popular? Whether you are looking for Javascript developers for hire or are yourself a JS developer, this article will tell you reasons for JS popularity.


Easy Setup

There is no haul for JS setup. No installation required! Just have a web browser, which is pre-installed in every computer. Download any code editor, where you have various options from notepad++ to VS code and other IDEs, and write and edit JS code easily. IDEs are heavy and take time to load, so if your system is relatively old you can use notepad++.

Event-based programming

Event-based programming is the power of javascript. When you open a website and it shows a toggle for night mode. You click on it and the website shifts to everything night or dark mode, how awesome it feels. This is the power of JS.


Event based programming means change happens when on user’s click. This type of programming is helpful due to its flexibility, intuitiveness, and beneficial for control flow based apps for internal events.


Libraries & Frameworks

Wide range of JavaScript libraries and frameworks is one of the reasons for its popularity. Javascript has a framework for almost everything, from frontend to backend and even mobile app development. React, Angular, Vue, React Native, and Node are the names of few popular frameworks.

Community Support

Javascript has one of the largest and most active communities among all programming languages. Regardless of the size or type, you can find a solution to almost any question or problem you have, on platforms like Stackoverflow.


Easy To Learn & Understand

Javascript is one of the easiest programming languages to start learning and understanding. Even if you are from a non-technical background, a little effort and you will be developing programs in JS in no time.

End-To-End Coding

With Node, which is a Javascript framework for server side development, you can write server side apps and backend development. With passage of time the popularity of Javascript and its framework has only increased so it is not going anywhere any time soon. Instead of learning a different language for backend development Javascript allows users to just master JS and learn the basics of frameworks and make their lives easier.


In other words, now developers can use one single programming language to talk to databases, make HTTP requests, generate dynamic content, and create interactive user experiences/interfaces. This led to the Rise of Web Applications that we are experiencing today. In addition to having a unified web-application development, JavaScript also became the go-to language for many companies because now the engineering teams only had to worry about a single programming language which made it easier to debug and save costs in the overall development process.


A trend first adopted by AirBnb of making their website a full-stack JS other followed. This not only allowed a better approach but made the websites easier to handle, maintain, and scale. So, full stack javascript developers for hire await you at vteams, hire them now to reach your goals.


Why Is JavaScript So Popular

By Hire Developers

Why Is JavaScript So Popular

JavaScript is everywhere, from mobile apps to websites and from tech giants to startups everyone is using JavaScript.

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