Functional Programming

Is it useful...?

You are a beginner again...

No loops;
No mutating data;
No impure functions.

Algebraic structures;
Type classes;
Algebraic data types.

Difficult Concepts...

I tried...

  • Haskell books...
  • Many articles...
  • Elm...

How to program?
There are mainly 2 mindsets.

  • Start from the Von Neumann architecture and add abstraction.
  • Start from mathematics and remove abstraction.
  • My advice: think between spectrum...

Pros./cons. of the abstraction?

Performance? Details management?

Math at school ...? Programming at work ...?

1. =

2. function

x = 5;

x = x + 1;

a = obj.func_one(1);

b = obj.func_one(1);


a = func_one(1);

b = func_one(1);

範疇論(英語:Category theory)是數學的一門學科,以抽象的方法處理數學概念,將這些概念形式化成一組組的「物件」及「態射」。數學中許多重要的領域可以形式化為範疇。使用範疇論可以令這些領域中許多難理解、難捉摸的數學結論更容易敘述證明。




See production app & some Elm code ...

Think between Spectrum

Let's have a look at ...


Turing Machine & Lambda calculus

Story behind JavaScript...

Thanks for listening.

Functional Programming

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Functional Programming

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