Meteor Overview 

 Sunny Vancouver edition

pass: gomobile
by Yuriy @html5cat

I joined Meteor ❤

Community Engineer

My Meteor journey 
started here, at Mobify
with John Boxall
on a nice Sunday
two years ago

(it's still up!)

Meteor releases:

(made with, Meteor app)

Big Things:

MeteorPad – jsfiddle for Meteor apps

Reminder for international viewers:

Startups built with Meteor: – Harrison from Apple recently joined ;) – See how people really use your app – Personal Cloud Platform – Job Marketplace For Hourly Workers – realtime transit (acq. by Lyft) – unlimited storage (acq. by Box)

The best way to learn:

By doing 


By Teaching

Goals for the Meetups:

Learn to code

Learn to give talks

Meet awesome people

hence the show&tell format

Demo time!


Worldwide Meteor Day 

Big Bang is coming!

November 2014
Bring a friend 
New educational materials
New Swag

Meteor Overview, Sunny Vancouver edition

By Yuriy Dybskiy

Meteor Overview, Sunny Vancouver edition

I recently joined Meteor as Community Engineer and here's an update from Community and Worldwide Meteor Day announcement

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