Installing Python and Clifford

Hugo Hadfield 2018

Installing Python

  • If you already have Python 3 then don't worry!
  • You can check by typing python3 (or py -3 for windows) in a terminal and checking that it launches python
  • If you don't have Python then I would recommend Anaconda
  • Go to
  • Download the Python 3.7 version and run the installer
  • After installation check you can access Python by running python3 in a terminal

Installing Clifford

  • In the last slide, if you already had Python3 installed you now need to check if you have conda
  • Type "conda" in a terminal window, if it says that it cannot find conda then you can install via pip. Run:

pip3 install clifford

  • If you did have conda installed, or you have freshly installed Anaconda in the previous slide then run:

conda install clifford -c conda-forge

Test your Clifford installation

  • In a terminal window type


  • And then after python launches

from clifford.g3c import *

  • Check that no errors are thrown


Install pyganja


git clone
cd pyganja
git submodule init
git submodule update
python3 install

You should now be all set up :)

Installing Python and Clifford

By Hugo Hadfield

Installing Python and Clifford

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