top 10 from re:invent 2015

Ian Littman / @iansltx

AustinPHP October 2015 Lightning Talks

ec2 t2.nano and x1 instances

digital ocean, you're on notice...

...and so are you, big-memory dedicated server providers

mariadb on rds

for folks who don't like oracle...

...or like XtraDB and other Maria-specific enhancements


for mailing aws 50TB of data at a time

hosted elasticsearch

ain't nobody got time to set up an ES cluster

lambda in vpc

also, python 2.7 support + 5 minute jobs

...and cron too!

elastic container service++

cli (incl. compose), private Docker registry

mobile hub

a wizard for building + deploying mobile apps


things write to a message broker...

...and then you tell Amazon what to do from there

cloudwatch dashboards

because dashboard-less cw is hard to use

kinesis firehose

throw a bunch of data at something that throws data at s3 or redshift

...and more!

config rulesets, inspector...

Reinvent 2015 Top Ten

By Ian Littman

Reinvent 2015 Top Ten

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