An Introduction to UI/UX.

Chinaza Icheke.

What is UI? What is UX?

  • First things first, UI is not UX.
  • UI Design (User Interface Design), is a humble section of a much broader term; UX (User Experience Design).
  • UX, is under another term CX(Customer Experience), but for now we will focus just on our dear UI/UX.

A Visual Representation.

UI makes it pretty. UX makes it usable

UI Design.

  • UI Design is the visual representation of a service or product.
  • It is essentially the link between the user and a product, in our case, digital products.
  • UI Design combines shapes, typography, layouts and other factors to allow for a fluid and natural interaction between users and digital products.

Who is a UI Designer?

  • A UI Designer is responsible for the final feel of a product.
  • Such a person must ensure that this final feel must be readable, usable and also devoid of distracting elements.

A Little Game.

What is wrong with this design? (Asides the unnecessarily dramatic text and general weirdness. LOL)

"An interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it is not that good my dear friend"

-One Guy Like That.

UX Design.

  • UX Design is majorly focused on how to make products very easy to use.
  • If the role of a UI Designer is defining the look and feel of a product, the role of a UX Designer is to determine how it will work.
  • UX Design is the fun part. You get to anticipate the user's needs and respond to them.
  • UX is where most of the problem-solving lies.

Product Design.

  • The Holy Grail itself.
  • Product Design combines both UI Design and UX Design with a bit of research.

Another Little Game.

What is wrong with this design? (Clue: Matter is anything that occupies...)

Are there any questions dears?


Have a beautiful week!

An Introduction to UI/UX.

By icheke chinaza

An Introduction to UI/UX.

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