This is not (yet) an ILS

Journée RERO, Fribourg, 23rd of November 2017

Why a prototype?

  • Prospecting the technology for implementing RERO 21 services with Invenio v3
  • To validate that decision: build a prototype
  • Experiment an Agile working method (Scrum)
  • Several profiles involved: IT + librarian

Proof of concept

New ways

  • Starts in January 2018
  • End 2019: essential ILS requirements
  • + end 2020: important ILS requirements

Actual project

Nice features

  • Data model designed by system librarians
  • Flexible data model
  • Automatic data validation
  • Powerful search by default
  • URLs are permalinks
  • Everything exposed through APIs
  • With restricted access when needed

Work done since October

  • automatic deployment

  • data model design

  • conversions: MARC21 & UNIMARC to JSON

  • user interface customization

  • configurations: facets, indexes, persistent identifiers

  • editor: new, edit, delete, import from BnF

7 weeks, 9 people, 7'500 lines of codes

Open Source

username: librarian@rero.ch
password: librarian


    "$schema": "http://ils.test.rero.ch/schema/records/record-v0.0.1.json", 
    "authors": [
        "date": "1828-1905", 
        "name": "Verne, Jules", 
        "type": "person"
    "title": "Voyage au centre de la terre",
    "publicationYear": 2001
    "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-04/schema#", 
    "additionalProperties": false, 
    "properties": {
        "publicationYear": {
            "description": "Year of the publication. This must be an integer.", 
            "maximum": 2050, 
            "minimum": -9999, 
            "title": "Publication's Year", 
            "type": "integer", 
            "validationMessage": "Have to be an integer, from -9999 to 2050."



By Igor Milhit

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