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What I'm excited about

  • Job experience

  • Scholarship

  • Networking



What To Expect

  1. Competitive Cutlery

  2. About Cutco

  3. Quick Video

  4. Product Line

  5. Prices & Specials

  6. Presentation Verification Form

Common Complaints

Low Quality Knives:

  • Average knife set: $150 for set

  • Replaced every 2 yrs for 40 yrs: 20 replacements = $3,000 on Junk knives

    Unsanitary, unsafe, and un-enjoyable!

Common High Quality Knives:

  • Need to Sharpen regularly

  •  Hand wash—Not dishwasher safe

  • Replace every 7-10 years

Does this look familiar to you? 




 1   2  3   4 
1. Stainless Table Knife
2. Pearl Table Knife
3. Classic Table Knife
4. Classic Steak Knife

Cutco Individual Pieces

Special #1

Special #2

Special #3

Special #4

Pick 5 knives, and get the Super Shears or 4 Table Knives FREE!

Pick 4 pieces, get the 5th piece and a tray for FREE!

Buy 3 pieces, Get 1 piece FREE!

Pick any 2 knives totaling over $100 and get the ice cream scoop or peeler FREE!

 Cutco Flatware!

CUTCO Cookware!

Cooks faster --- Non-stick stainless steel --- American Made

Forever Guaranteed --- Dishwasher Safe


Gadgets, Kitchen Tools, & Accessories!

Garden Tools &

Barbeque Set!

Sporting Knives, Hunting Knives, Golf-Knives, Ka-Bar Knives



I'll give you a link with a form to fill out in just a moment :)

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Thank you for your patience!

Thought Joggers: Who Do You Know...

  • Who likes to cook?
  • Who works in my dream field?
  • Who knows everyone / is the unofficial mayor of your friend group?
  • Who likes to entertain or host parties?
  • Who lives in your neighborhood?
  • Who likes to garden, fish, hunt?
  • Who has a pool?
  • Who are the coolest people you work with


  • Who has the nicest kitchen?
  • Has a second home?
  • Has a wedding or anniversary coming up?
  • Who would you have your son/daughter sit down with if THEY were doing this?

Copy of Jack Ussher - MovementRep Demo

By Jaden DeMario

Copy of Jack Ussher - MovementRep Demo

People would rather the right info than a fancy sales person. Take advantage of the notes.

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