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Continuous Integration

What it is

What it is not

A method of finding software issues as early as possible within the development cycle and ensuring all parts of the overall platform talk to each other correctly.

Something to be ignored or bypassed because it takes effort.


What it is

What it is not

The act of pushing a release into a given environment.

Something the Operations team does.


What it is

What it is not

A way of working that encourages the Development and Operations teams to work together in a highly collaborative way towards the same goal.


A way to get developers to take on operational tasks and vice versa.


What it is

What it is not

A single code drop to a given environment (testing, staging, production, and so on).

A huge bundle of changes that are handed over to someone else to sort out (tag, commit, branch, zip, packages...).

DoD: Definition of Done

What it is

What it is not

A change to the platform (software, hardware, infrastructure, and so on) is live and being used by customers.

Something that has been notionally signed off as something that should work when it goes live.

CD: Continuous Delivery

What it is

What it is not

A method of delivering fully working and tested software in small incremental chunks to the production platform.

A method of delivering huge chunks of code every few weeks or months.

CD: A business change

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