Open Source Political Memory Citizen Lobbying Tool

Raise your hand

  • How many of us are European ?
  • How many know what a lobby is ?
  • How many value transparency in society ?

Purpose of Memopol

  • Help citizens follow parliamentary activity
  • Memorize vote and intervention history
  • Increase political decision cost

Data flow

Votes are imported into Memopol database

Journalists attribute score to recommendations

Memopol computes representative scores


  • Vote concerning ACTA takes place
  • Journalist recommend voting against with a weight of 500
  • Representatives voting against get +500
  • Representatives voting for get -500
  • Score decay makes older votes loose weight
  • Representative score is the sum of their scores per vote

Then what ?

  • Citizen don't forget who did what
  • Make targeted influence campaigns
  • Engage discussion with our representatives


  • European Parliament with Parltrack
  • French Assembly and Senate with FranceData
  • Your country here ?

Free Managed Hosting

Volunteers will set up your instance

RedHat sponsors the hosting on OpenShift

Getting involved



Browse data:

  • Donate to La Quadrature Du Net and other citizen lobbies, please, they are striving to stay alive, we NEED them
  • Participate as a journalist or a python programer
  • Call your representatives !
  • Join us in Paris August 6th & 7th


By James Pic