Headless Creator: Managing Website Pages

What We'll Cover

  • Signing up for a new Agility instance
  • How Pages work in Agility
  • How you can Deploy a website to work with Pages
  • How the website works



  1. 👁‍🗨 Can't preview content updates in real-time
  2. 🚫 Limited control over creating, deleting and redirecting pages
  3. 📄 Limited control over what content is on each page
  4. 😖 Inconsistent and in-efficient content workflows
  5. Publishing content takes too long, don't understand concepts of builds

🤼 They feel powerless...

What You'll Need

  • An Agility Instance based on the Blog Starter
  • A GitHub account
  • The Blog Starter code (on GitHub)

The Final Product

Headless Creator: Page Management

By James Vidler

Headless Creator: Page Management

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