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What makes a Mobile App good.


A good Mobile App...

  1. Answers an actual need, it's meaningful.

  2. Is easy and efficient to use.

  3. Is desirable and compelling.

  4. Is form & function coming together.

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Got an idea?




Try Brainstorming


Look at what's out there.

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How can you take an existing App and make it better?

  1. Find a common problem and create a
    better solution.

  2. Model the success of others.

  3. Match ideas with your skills, interests, experience, and passion


Take in consideration the
growing trends.

  1. Location based services
  2. Social networking
  3. Mobile search
  4. Mobile commerce
  5. Mobile video
  6. Object recognition

Brainstorming tips

  1. Carry a notebook where ever you go.
  2. Pay attention to the things that make you grumpy.
  3. Listen to what makes friends and family grumpy.
  4. Pay attention to your mistakes.
  5. Go driving. Take a walk.
  6. Try to give existing Apps a new twist.
  7. Question methods.
  8. Do not judge your ideas.
  9. Think about the problem, not existing solutions.
  10. Bounce ideas off your friends.

Work Smart: Brainstorming Techniques
to Boost Creativity

Concept Generation

Rank your ideas

  • Does it satisfy App trends?
  • Is it too complex and costly?
  • Do you have the experience and familiarity?
  • Does competition exist?
  • Do you have passion and excitement for it?

Does your idea already exist?

  • Are there obvious ways this App’s functionality can be improved upon?

  • Are there other potential audiences and markets for this App?

  • Could I make an App that does this but provides a better overall experience for the user?

  • Can I think of a unique way to monetize the App?

What if you idea doesn't exist?

  • Does the absence of my App mean there is NOT a viable need or market for the features it performs?

  • Do I still think I will be able to monetize the App, or have others tried and failed, and that’s why the App doesn’t exist?

  • Am I trying to build an App with such an ambitious scope that it's too costly for most developers to attempt?

What about the competition?


Again, look at what's out there.

Competitive Analysis

"Competitive analysis, as the name implies, is an exploration of the companies in a given industry sector or market niche that are competing with your company’s products or services for market share.

The analysis may be an in-depth exploration of the top five competitors, or a larger number of competitors could be examined (typically with less depth in the analysis).

In most cases, the client will have identified the target competitors for you."    Boxes and arrows

Now that you have your concept, what about strategy?

Case Study

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Concept & Analysis for Mobile App Design

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