iRODS Graphical Interfaces

October 13, 2016

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, England

Jason Coposky


Executive Director, iRODS Consortium

Web Interfaces

  • Cloud Browser
    • Live Demo


  • Up next: EMC Metalnx

EMC Metalnx

Standard view of Data objects within iRODS

EMC Metalnx


  • search
  • templates
  • validation

EMC Metalnx


Administrative view

iRODS Filesystem Front Ends


  • Java implementation based on Milton
  • C++ implementation from University of Utrecht 



  • Userspace filesystem mount - provided as a separate package



  • Project sponsored by EMC - developed at UFPE

Desktop Clients - Kanki

Written in C++ with Qt

  • works at native speed



  • File/Collection management
  • Metadata Query
  • Metadata Templates

Desktop Clients - Cyberduck

Plugin written in Java using the Jargon iRODS API



  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Parallel transfer for large files
  • Simple, Intuitive interface                                   

CyVerse Discovery Environment

Birmingham - Graphical Interfaces

By jason coposky

Birmingham - Graphical Interfaces

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