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Library Workshop

Me, your librarian

Finding and evaluating information

John Dingle

Help with....

Refining a research topic

Managing and citing sources

  • Library spaces
  • Library research tools
  • Search strategy and techniques
  • Finding primary sources
  • Managing your sources


Library Spaces

Map, Data, & GIS Library


Makerspace and Digital Scholarship Lab


Archives & Special Collections


James A. Gibson Library

Library Research Tools

Broadest search


Get to know the filters


Ask Button for help

SuperSearch - tips for history

  • Use advanced search
  • Put 'history' in SU Subject Terms 

Books and ebooks


Good way to find related books


Subject-specific search engines

Find under "Research" tab


  • Historical Abstracts
    • world history
  • America: History and Life
    • history of North America
    • multidisciplinary
  • Primary Source databases

Search Strategy

1. Search techniques and keywords

2. Finding related items with subject headings



Go to SuperSearch

With a partner, compare the results of each pair of searches.

Which returns more results? Can you explain the difference?


1. colonial america VS "colonial america"

2. canad* VS canada

3. indigenous OR native VS indigenous AND native


  1. Use quotation marks for phrase searches:  “colonial america”
  2. Use truncation for variant word endings: child* retrieves child, children, childhood, childlike, childish

  3. Use OR for synonyms:  indigenous OR native

  4. Use AND to combine two different concepts:  slaves AND missionaries



Subject Headings

Subject headings are a powerful way to find related items 


You are searching in SuperSearch and finding most results coming back from another discipline.  (e.g. Psychology or Medicine)


What could you do?


You are finding it difficult to get ANY articles or books on your topic.


What could you do?

Primary sources

  • Published collections


  • Primary source databases

Primary source collections

Add one of the following terms to your search in SuperSearch or the catalogue. They work best when you add them to an "SU Subject Terms" box:

  • personal narratives
  • sources ***
  • diaries
  • letters
  • correspondence
  • interviews

Primary sources

Primary Source Databases

Help > History Research Guide > Primary Sources

Research > Databases > History

Globe & Mail

Managing your sources


  • Add sources as you find them
  • Store, organize, take notes on them
  • Generate and format citations in Chicago style

Research Guide

Research Help

Thank you!


History Library Workshop

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History Library Workshop

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