Day in the life of a...

señor developer



Me age 6, with my first computer.

My first introduction to computing the C prompt


WP e-Commerce

Over 1,000,000 downloads.

Active development, support and feature enhancements.


PHP Backend Developer

WordPress all the things!



Front End Developer

Silverstripe all the things!


What do I do:

Solve all the problems

  • Check if a creative task is achievable (Rnd)
  • Breakdown projects into achievable tasks
  • Give time estimates to PM's that convert time into $$
  • Support and delegate tasks for other devs
  • Foster relationships with 3rd parties (Intergen, Autoplay, Castleford)
  • Find new developers
  • Fix up internal systems (from server infrastructure, resourcing, source control, comms)

Things that I love:

The best developers are 'lazy' because they do not want to do the same thing twice. 

Who deservers some digital love <3

  • MMNZ - We do 'some', we could do better.
  • Carters Observatory?

I don't know what clients we HAVE! So you tell me. What clients do we have? What problems do they have that can be solved through digital love?

Your pain, is my pain.

  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Scheduling resource
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Unnecessary interruptions
  • Deviations to the norm (hosting, scm, technology stack)
  • Chinese whispers (If you are liaising between 2 developers, get out of the way! You don't want to remember what TTL for their DNS propogation is before we can SSH into their AWS instance).

Should devs be in the creative process?

Day in the life of a web developer

By Jeff Ghazally

Day in the life of a web developer

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