A Short Story about Facilitation and consensus

or how to make your meetings not terrible

A story...


Process and consensus makes your meetings almost fun!

Process and consensus helps you be less -ist, more inclusive, and more community-minded

good process helps your community listen to everyone, not just the loudest.

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Photo: Marie Wegman, from Wikimedia Commons

Marie Wegman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Great Chicago Fire


gatekeeper/temperature taker


stack keeper (can be the same as gatekeeper)

Consensus is not a democracy!

there are lots of ways to take consensus.

they don't always have to be slow.   

And what happened next was really interesting!

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In short...

facilitation and consensus will help your groups grow healthfully and help you identify community needs and deal with disruptive behavior.

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A Short Story about Facilitation and consensus

By Jennie Rose Halperin

A Short Story about Facilitation and consensus

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