Mozilla Communities


our new look!


  • Mozilla Communities used to be called about:Mozilla
  • It came out fairly regularly (~2 weeks)
  • Provides contribution opportunities and news
  • Present people opportunities to Get Involved with Mozilla
  • ~70,000 subscribers
  • People sign up via the Get Involved page

Non-Profit Marketing Emails: What works?

  • Low barrier-to-entry tasks
  • Pictures and short articles
  • Social media focus
  • Surveys and petitions

The Five Second Test!

Now to the redesign....

Community Feedback on new name

thank you everyone who gave feedback!

Rebranding using another Mozilla Email Newsletter template

(so much thanks to Youssef!)

New design favors interaction and brings in your voices

What still needs to be done?

  • Want to write? Get in touch!
  • New contribution area on Get Involved page
  • Social media gurus needed!
  • WE NEED CONTENT! Yay for content!
  • Want to code or help edit the html?
  • Feedback on new design: what works, what doesn't?


By Jennie Rose Halperin